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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

2/10/60A 12V Associated 9407 Intellamatic Fully Automatic Charger w/60A Engine Start - Factory Second

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Associated 9407 - Factory Second (Discontinued)
1 Year Warranty


The Model 9407 INTELLAMATIC™ battery charger is designed to charge 12 volt and 6 volt lead-acid batteries of conventional, maintenance-free, or deep cycle construction. This charger will charge both large and small batteries, such as motorcycle and garden tractor batteries. The battery charger will automatically adjust the charging current appropriate to the type of battery. Note: Charger must sense minimum of 2 volts at the battery terminals before charging cycle can start.

Fully automatic operation for all types of 6 or 12 volt lead acid batteries, including standard, maintenance free, deep cycle, AGM, and gelled electrolyte. Adjusts to proper charge rate for any size battery - perfect for seasonal use batteries such as marine, motorcycle, lawn/garden, and RV. Extended Battery Maintainer function makes the INTELLAMATIC™ charger ideal for maintaining batteries while not in use. When charging is complete, the charger will turn off charging current completely with NO TRICKLE charge that could overcharge the battery. Charger stays in monitor mode and automatically initiates a recharge if needed. Only needs 2 volts to start charging a battery. 60 Amp jump start feature to boost dead batteries faster. Safety features include reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection and under-voltage protection. 17 hour max charge time prevents batteries from damage if a fault occurs.

Product Features:
• 10 Amp 6/12 Volt Intellamatic® SmartCharger
• 60 Amp Jump Starter
• Fully automated microprocessor controlled charger capable of charging high efficiency, flooded, deep cycle, AGM and GEL batteries
• Designed for everyday continuous operation
• LED’s indicate the charging status of the battery:
Light ON = Charging
Light BLINKING = Charged
Light OFF = Check Connection
• Unit will proceed to float/monitor charge, after battery is fully charged, keeping the battery ready and fully charged

• Limited warranty: 1 YEAR
• Shipping dimensions (HxWxD): 11” x 9” x 6”
• Shipping Weight: 11 LBS.
• UL/CSA Continuous Rating: 10A
• Voltage: 6/12V
• UL Cranking Assist Rating: 60 Amp
• AC cord: 6.5’ 18-3
• DC leads: 6.5’ 10 AWG
• Clamp rating: 100A

NOTE: This is a refurbished/"Manufacturer's Second" battery charger. It may have been used, and may have minor wear or other cosmetic imperfections. It has been repaired if necessary, fully inspected, and operationally tested, in order to provide "as-new" performance and service. The photo is a new item, but is representative of the actual product.