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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

Power Forged Circuit Breaker Kit - 100A/800A DC Circuit Breaker Kit for High-Output Battery Chargers

SKU 696624

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Circuit Breaker Kit - 100A/800A
Bus bar mounted, fast-resetting breakers provide DC circuit protection for chargers with up to 100A continuous-duty or 800A peak current ratings. Recommended when retro-fitting a replacement silicon rectifier in a charger which is not already equipped with DC circuit breaker protection, as is sometimes the case with selenium-rectifier chargers.

For chargers with continuous duty ratings of up to 80A, or 550A peak current, it is recommended that this kit be installed with only two (2) of the included circuit breakers mounted.

• Three (3) fast-resetting 50A circuit breakers carry the load in parallel.
• Straightforward instructions and simple design allows easy installation. No special tools are required.
• Cables are made from 6 GA welding cable, providing high current capacity and flexibility. Cable and terminals are 100% copper.
• Three (3) 50A fast-resetting, stud mount circuit breakers.
• Circuit breaker bus bar set.
• Three (3) extension Leads - 8.5" length center-to-center, with 1/4" lugs.
• All required fasteners & hardware.
• Instruction sheet.