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Our Story

"The Battery Specialists"...

PLP Battery Supply opened for business in 1982 as a regional battery distribution company. Located in Murphysboro, our local market is scenic Southern Illinois. We started our business by serving this area with a walk-in counter service, and distributing with our own trucks, delivering quality automotive and commercial batteries while providing pick‑up of spent batteries for shipment to approved recycling facilities. Within just a few short years, we had developed a reputation as The Battery Specialists.  But car, truck, and motorcycle batteries were only the beginning…

Our founders are automotive and aviation enthusiasts. Because we love to get our hands dirty and solve problems, we naturally dove into battery charger service, custom cabling and all manner of battery related specialty work. By the end of our first decade, our battery charger sales, parts, and authorized service center operations were thriving. We soon began receiving calls from all around the country, asking about chargers, repair parts, diagnostic help - even conducting repair seminars. We had grown well beyond our regional market. In response to customer requests, in 1995 we published our first small catalog of charger parts. Within a few years, we were a recognized leader in the supply of charger repair parts.

As batteries of all types, shapes, and sizes became more and more commonplace, we soon added rechargeable battery pack assembly and re-pack services to our in‑house capabilities. We began replacing the old cells in drill packs with new, high-capacity cells, and building production runs of dozens or hundreds of custom packs. We still do, using only the highest quality cells, components, and production equipment to guarantee performance.

We continued to create solutions with our development of Power Forged™ Charger Service Products, which has solved the problem of non-existent or over-priced repair parts for automotive battery chargers. Many older battery chargers are simply better than newer models, and should be repaired - not replaced. Now you can repair these trusted workhorses at a fraction of the cost. This type of value is at the core of who we are.

Our commitment to service and value still defines us at PLP Battery Supply. At any hour of the day, you will find us delivering from our trucks, helping customers at the walk-in counter, installing a battery in a car, building tool packs, repairing a charger, shipping product orders, or answering your phone call. We still do all we can for each and every customer, and we deeply appreciate each of you.

We invite you to put our experience to work for you. Check out PLP Battery Supply or, where you will find fair prices on high quality products that are factory‑fresh and guaranteed. Our warehouse is fully stocked, to ensure availability. Call or order online, and let The Battery Specialists help solve your battery or charger problem.