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Battery Chargers

PLP Battery Supply stocks a wide variety of new battery chargers from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our in-house battery charger facility has repaired and refurbished thousands of chargers, and we KNOW which ones are engineered to perform properly and built to last - we see it every day. We are proud to say that virtually all of the high-quality chargers we offer are made or engineered in the USA. They withstand the rigors of tough duty, and give outstanding value for our customers. Whether it's an automotive battery charger for home garage use, a wheel charger doing relentless duty in an auto repair or fleet shop, a 36 or 48 volt golf cart charger, or an on-board charger for marine, motive power, or wheel-chair applications - we have the charger in stock that will solve your problem and provide excellent value. And though we specialize in selling chargers for various lead-acid battery applications all the way up to 24, 36, 48 and 72 volts, we also carry smaller battery chargers for cell phones, rechargeable tool packs, and much more.
  • NOCO®

    10W AC USB Speed Charger


    10W AC USB Speed Charger The NOCO NUSB211NA is an ultra-compact 10W USB wall adapter. Efficiently charge your USB devices at home, work or on the ...

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