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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

Power Forged 100 Amp Heavy-Duty Rectifier Positive Base Direct Replacement for Associated Eqpt 610100, 610122

SKU 696600

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Our Heaviest-Duty Positive-Base Rectifier. Designed for use in chargers with continuous-duty output ratings up to 100 Amps,
and "Boost" ratings up to 600 Amps.

This rectifier is a direct replacement for Associated P/N 610100, used in Associated charger models 6001, 6002, 6002A, 6002B, 6003, 6006, 6008, 6009, 6009A, 6014, 6027B, 6065, NAPA 85-800, MATCO MC600, and SNAP-ON models YA165A, YA166B, YA167A, YA167B, YA168A, YA268, and others.
Excellent replacement for selenium rectifiers found in older or vintage battery chargers.

• Fully assembled and tested.
• Dual diode assemblies, each with an array of 10 diodes, for a total of 20 diodes. Redundant capacity is designed in - if individual diodes fail, load is shifted to remaining functional diodes.
• Robust capacity makes this the perfect replacement rectifier for a wide variety of high-output battery chargers, especially those with high "boost" ratings.
• Straightforward design makes it an easy retro-fit in almost any charger with a "positive base" rectifier - those chargers with the positive DC lead/clamp assembly connected to the rectifier heat sink plate.
Note - For chargers with the negative lead/clamp assembly connected to the rectifier heat sink plate, use rectifier number 696601 (i.e. - Solar & Century brand chargers).
• Full-wave rectification.
• Includes Resistor Kit - for chargers manufactured by Associated Eqpt and equipped with "Stop/Go Lite" polarity protection technology (polarity indicator in the clamp). If your charger does not have this feature, do not install the resistor.
• Equipped with center-mounted, insulated mounting bolt - for transformer mount on older Associated chargers, or direct mount in retro-fit applications with Rectifier Mounting Bracket Kit 696627. This bolt is removable for installation in newer models that use other mounting methods, such as insulated standoffs.

• Dual 10 x 50A/200PRV 10MM button diode arrays (20 diodes total)
• Each diode connects to the array via an independent, fusible link.
• Depth: 1.65" (Including central mounting bolt: 2.65")
• Height: 6.00"
• Width: 7.75"
• Weight: 1.00

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