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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

12N24-3 Conv 12V MC Battery, Dry Charged 24 AH, M2224D

by Yuasa
SKU 12N24-3

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12N24-3 Conventional Motorcycle Battery (flooded cell) with vent tube (if applicable) and terminal hardware. Battery is dry-charged and sealed, with separate bottle of electrolyte included. Click here for a link to a short instructional video on how to fill your battery.

SHIPPING NOTE: This battery cannot be shipped after it has been filled with electrolyte.
Notes & Cross Reference
Upgrade to High-Performance conventional with YB16L-B
Upgrade to PowerSonic Hyper Sport LiFePO4 Lithium with PAL30LHY-H
Capacity AH (10-HR): 24
CCA @ 0°F: N/A
Length: 7 1/4 in (184 mm)
Width: 4 7/8 in (124 mm)
Height: 6 7/8 in (175 mm)
Weight w/out Acid (DRY): 12.1 lbs
Terminal Type: 3
Acid Volume: 40.6 oz
Std Charge Rate: 2.4 Amp
Country of Origin: Taiwan