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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

Power Forged 100 Amp Rectifier Rebuild Kit - Contains ALL Components Necessary to REBUILD Burned-Out Associated Eqpt Rectifiers

SKU 696610

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Save $$$ by Rebuilding your Burned-Out Rectifier!
Designed for use in chargers with continuous-duty output ratings up to 100 Amps, this Heavy-Duty kit features 20 diodes rated at 50 Amps each

This kit can be used to rebuild the rectifier in most Associated Eqpt chargers, such as 6001, 6002, 6009, 6010, etc. It can also be used to rebuild the rectifiers in other brands manufactured by Associated, such as Mac Tools, MATCO, Cornwell, NAPA, and Snap-On.
Associated Rectifier Applications: 610100, 610122, 610344, 610364, 610392, 610417, 610418, 610691, 611002, 610073, 611097, 900100, and others.

• This kit contains components to rebuild dual diode assemblies, each with an array of up to 10 diodes, for a total of up to 20 diodes. Kit provides replacements for all original components except for the heat sink plate itself - so the redundant capacity of the original design is retained.
• Straightforward instructions and simple design of this style rectifier allows for ease of rebuilding. No special tools are required.
• Diodes may be installed cathode to base for positive output chargers, or anode to base for negative output chargers - providing proper current rectification for either charger design.

• 20 new, 50A/200PRV 10MM button diodes
• 2 nylon insulating washers
• 2 fusible diode contact plates
• 2 retainer caps
• 2 O-Rings
• All required hardware
• 2 packets of thermal grease
• Instruction sheet.
Note: The heat sink plate and rectifier mounting hardware are NOT included. If the heat sink plate is not serviceable or otherwise unable to be re-used, this kit cannot return the rectifier to functionality.