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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

Schauer 36V 2.5A Battery Maintainer (constant voltage) - 115VAC - Battery Clips

by Schauer

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Model JAC0336MAN (0891-103)

Extend the life of your batteries with this battery maintainer. Prevents battery sulfation during equipment storage.


• Maintainer for 36 Volt battery systems. Use on 10 to 300 Amp Hour lead acid batteries - typical of golf carts, industrial scrubbers, etc.
• Current limiting.
• Fully automatic maintainer can be left on the battery in maintaining/float mode.
• Red LED indicates AC power on. Yellow maintaining at 2.5 amp. Green maintaining at 1 amp or less.
• Can be used for any type lead acid battery, including conventional, maintenance free, deep cycle, gelled-type, valve regulated batteries.
• Reverse polarity and short circuit proof.
• AC cordset length, 6 feet. DC cordset length, 4 feet with battery clips.
• Aluminum case.