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New! Lower Shipping Charges and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

JAC0524G-XLR - Schauer 24V, 5A Fully Automatic Electronic Charger/Maintainer for GEL Batteries - 115VAC - XLR 3-Pin Plug

by Schauer

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Model JAC0524G-XLR (0891-23)

Schauer JAC0524G-XLR - 24V, 5A Intelligent Electronic Charger with XLR Plug, Optimized for GEL Batteries

The Schauer JAC0524G-XLR is a Fully Automatic, 3-Stage Electronic Charger with XLR Plug. This charger is OPTIMIZED FOR GEL BATTERIES (GELLED ELECTROLYTE). The Finish Voltage of 28.5VDC enhances battery life in gelled electrolyte batteries (This is slightly lower than the standard JAC0524-XLR at 28.8VDC). Specially equipped with a 3-Pin XLR DC Plug, this charger is an excellent choice for charging and maintaining batteries in medical mobility scooters & wheelchairs with 24 volt GEL battery systems up to 75AH capacity. This Intelligent Charger may be left connected to the battery indefinitely, keeping it safely charged without danger of overcharging.

The JAC0524G-XLR will charge any type lead acid battery, but is optimized for gelled electrolyte batteries. Other lead acid types should use model JAC0524-XLR.

The 3-Stage Charge Control provides Modified Constant Current Charge to a constant finishing voltage, then to a float/standby voltage to maintain the battery in a fully charged condition.


• Fully Automatic with Float/Maintenance Mode
• May be left connected to batteries indefinitely
• 115VAC Input
• Mountable, Aluminum case with LED status lights
• Current limiting
• Short Circuit and Reverse-Polarity protection (user-replaceable fuse)
• Capable of full current at 25.2V continuous - 100% duty cycle


• Finish Voltage: 28.5V ±0.2
• Float Voltage: 26.5V ±0.2
• AC Input Voltage: 115VAC 50/60Hz (220/240VAC conversion available, see manual)
• AC Input Amps: 3A
• Nominal DC Output Volts: 24V
• Nominal DC Output Amps: 5A
• Minimum Battery Voltage Required to Start Charging: 8V
• AC Cord: 72", with grounded North America 115VAC plug (IEC C13 connector)
• DC Lead: 45", with 3-Pin XLR Plug (#1 Pin POS+) (12" DC output lead, with replaceable 33" XLR plug adapter)
• Unit Length (case): 6.5" (not including mounting flanges)
• Unit Length (overall): 7.5" (includes mounting flanges)
• Unit Width: 3.5"
• Unit Height: 1.8"
• Unit Weight: 1.8 lbs.
• Approvals: UL/cUL, CE
• Warranty: 2 Year Limited


• Not intended for use as a DC power supply
• Operate in an environment with proper ventilation
• Do not operate in a damp or wet environment

LED Status Indicator Light in normal charge cycle:
• LED1 (Left): RED – AC power connected, Power Switch ON
• LED2 (Right): YELLOW – Charging, Bulk and Absorption stages - Fan On
• LED2 (Right): GREEN – Battery Charged, Charger in Maintenance Float mode - Fan Off

NOTE: If LED2 is GREEN when initially connected to a known discharged battery (rather than YELLOW, which indicates normal operation), there is a FAULT in the output connection. Check for the following conditions:
1. Charger Not Connected
2. Minimum Battery Voltage Not Sensed (8V minimum)
3. Output Fuse Blown (check the fuse under the twist cap)

NOTE: PLP Battery Supply recommends that chargers in this range have an amperage output that equates to a minimum of approximately 10-15% the AH capacity of the battery being charged. For example, this 5 amp charger would be appropriate for a battery with a maximum AH capacity in the 50AH-75AH range. Chargers with marginally low output ratings may result in unacceptably long battery charge times and/or damage to the charger.

Customer Reviews

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Frank Parsinitz
Schauer 24V 5A Fully Automatic Electronic Charger with Float Standby for GEL Batteries.

I LOVE this product so much that I purchased two, one to replace a broken charger and a second for my new scooter. These automatic chargers go through several stages to optimize battery life. Upon completion of these stages, the charger enters and remains in the final stage known as the float cycle. The Float cycle is a very low amperage trickle charge that allows you to leave the device connected to the charger permanently without damaging the battery. Because of the float cycle the scooter remains fully charged and ready to go whenever you are.

I didn’t know if you let the scooter batteries discharge beyond a certain point that the battery becomes permanently damaged. I was having a Bruno Platform Lift (elevator) installed on my home and I left my new scooter in the car for three months over the winter while the lift was being installed. Since I wasn't using that scooter it didn't cross my mind to charge it. That was a very expensive mistake. Replacement batteries for the Revo was $300 and the Zero Turn 10 was $450.

When I was finally able to use the lift I brought the scooter in and allowed several hours for everything to come up to room temperature I connected the batteries to the original charger they wouldn’t take a charge. I took them to my cousin An Engineer and a Mechanics who first tested them and they failed. He attempted to charge them on his custom electronic charger without any success. The time and temperature that the batteries were exposed to left them to beyond repair.

I have very limited mobility and use two different scooters; a Pride Mobility Zero Turn 10 (A few months old) and a Pride Mobility Revo 4 Wheel (12 years old with several battery changes). Each scooter is suited for specific tasks so I use both.