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New! Lower Shipping Charges and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

Power Forged 696600 - 100 Amp Heavy-Duty Rectifier, Positive Base Direct Replacement for Associated Eqpt 610100, 610122

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Our Heaviest-Duty Positive-Base Rectifier. Designed for use in chargers with continuous-duty output ratings up to 100 Amps, and "Boost" ratings up to 600 Amps.

This rectifier is a direct replacement for Associated P/N 610100, used in Associated charger models 6001, 6002, 6002A, 6002B, 6003, 6006, 6008, 6009, 6009A, 6014, 6027B, 6065, NAPA 85-800, MATCO MC600, and SNAP-ON models YA165A, YA166B, YA167A, YA167B, YA168A, YA268, and others.
Excellent replacement for selenium rectifiers found in older or vintage battery chargers.
• Fully assembled and tested.
• Dual diode assemblies, each with an array of 10 diodes, for a total of 20 diodes. Redundant capacity is designed in - if individual diodes fail, load is shifted to remaining functional diodes.
• Robust capacity makes this the perfect replacement rectifier for a wide variety of high-output battery chargers, especially those with high "boost" ratings.
• Straightforward design makes it an easy retro-fit in almost any charger with a "positive base" rectifier - those chargers with the positive DC lead/clamp assembly connected to the rectifier heat sink plate.
Note - For chargers with the negative lead/clamp assembly connected to the rectifier heat sink plate, use rectifier number 696601 (i.e. - Solar & Century brand chargers).
• Full-wave rectification.
• Includes Resistor Kit - for chargers manufactured by Associated Eqpt and equipped with "Stop/Go Lite" polarity protection technology (polarity indicator in the clamp). If your charger does not have this feature, do not install the resistor.
• Equipped with center-mounted, insulated mounting bolt - for transformer mount on older Associated chargers, or direct mount in retro-fit applications with Rectifier Mounting Bracket Kit 696627. This bolt is removable for installation in newer models that use other mounting methods, such as insulated standoffs.


• Dual 10 x 50A/200PRV 10MM button diode arrays (20 diodes total)
• Each diode connects to the array via an independent, fusible link.
• Depth: 1.65" (Including central mounting bolt: 2.65")
• Height: 6.00"
• Width: 7.75"
• Weight (lbs): 1.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Timm Gardner
Great quality.

Great quality components at excellent prices!

Barry Holland

Perfect ,charger works better than ever quick delivery thanks,regards barry

miles smith
Can't beat em

Great products, service and prices.

Clint Lyons
Battery charger parts

Highly recommended, high quality product,fast shipping,detailed parts description so you can get the correct parts the first time.will certainly do business with again.

Christopher Ulmer
Great part at the right price

I ordered the repair part for my battery charger. It fit perfect and it works better than new. The price didn't break the bank.