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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

Amp Meter 0-60A w/Boost Snap-In w/Inductive Pick-Up for Battery Chargers


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Snap-in amp meter. 0-60 amp scale with boost. Original Replacement for Various 40-60 Amp Chargers from Schauer, Schumacher, Century/Solar, etc.
Direct replacement for Schumacher meter 5399-100-142.

Also replaces:
• Schumacher meter 5399-100-083
• Schumacher meter 5399-100-097
• Century/Solar meter 247-074-666
• Century/Solar meter 247-132-000
• Century/Solar meter 247-158-666

This meter may be fitted in any battery charger with a 1.3"H x 2.15"W mounting hole in the panel. Snap-in mount to charger panel.


• Bottom Movement - Needle pivots from bottom
• Inductive Pick-up - Current detected from charging circuit wire routed through inductive pick-up tube, no meter connections required
• Accuracy: 5% of Full Scale
• Made in U.S.A.


• 1.4"H x 2.3"W Bezel Frame Outer Dimensions
• 1.3"H x 2.15"W Panel Mount Hole

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