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New! Lower Shipping Charges and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

PR24-100 - Amp Meter 0-100A Metal Face Clamp-Mount Heavy-Duty for Battery Chargers

by Prime
SKU PR24-100

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0-100 Amp Clamp-Mount Heavy-Duty DC Amp Meter for Battery Chargers. Direct replacement for Century/Solar meter 247-011-666, and other 50-90 Amp Chargers. This meter is an easy retro-fit option in any battery charger with a 2" circular mounting hole in the panel.


• Rugged Steel Case with Black Steel Bezel Frame
• Bottom Movement - Needle pivots from bottom
• Internal Shunt - Charging current flows through the meter
• Accuracy: 5% of Full Scale
• Includes Mounting & Connection Hardware
• Made in U.S.A.


• 2.25"H x 2.25"W Bezel Frame Outer Dimensions
• 2.03" Diameter Circular Panel Mount Hole
• 1/4" Brass Stud Connectors

Customer Reviews

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Mark Walters
Very nice drop-in replacement at a very fair price.

PLP Battery is operated they way businesses used to be run; they actually answer the phone and can offer real technical support. Shipping is fast; prices are fair. As for this ammeter, it is made of steel (front and rear). The lens is plastic but it appears to be a sort of tough, abrasion-resistant, solvent-resistant type. In the photo, the full scale reading (on the 0-100A version) appears to be obscured by the housing; in reality it is not quite as bad. There is no need for an external shunt; a shunt is built-in, which means that if you are replacing one where an external shunt was used, you'll need to bypass the old shunt (remove it) and run full current (with appropriate gauge cable) through the meter. As for accuracy, I cannot yet comment because the project is not yet to that point.