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Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More!

Volt Meter 24V DC State-of-Charge & Battery Test Meter Clamp-Mount


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24V State-of-Charge & Battery Test Meter for 24 Volt DC systems. Also used for Charging System Monitoring. 18-32V scale with Discharged-Charging-Overcharged Zones for Battery Charging Cycle, and Percent of Charge Scale for Battery Load Testing applications. Easily installed in any panel with a 2" circular mounting hole. Panel thickness from .030-.150".


• Polystyrene Bezel with Zinc-Plated Steel Backplate
• Rugged, Moving Magnet construction
• Bottom Movement - Needle pivots from bottom
• Internal Shunt - Charging current flows through the meter
• Accuracy: 5% of Full Scale
• Includes Mounting & Connection Hardware
• Made in U.S.A.


• 2.375"L x 2.375"W x .540"H Bezel Outer Dimensions
• 2.03" Diameter Circular Panel Mount Hole
• #6 Brass Stud Connectors (includes tab adapters to convert stud terminals to .250" push-on connectors)

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