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New! Lower Shipping Charges and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

AutoMeter Technician Grade Intelligent Handheld SLA / AGM Battery Tester with AH Capacity Test for 6/12V Batteries rated 4-50AH - RC-300

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The RC-300 is a portable, fully featured tester that provides quick and accurate results utilizing AutoMeter's Award Winning "Digital Pulse Load" technology. The RC-300 is user friendly, instructing the user exactly what to do while testing an SLA battery. Professionally accurate test results are shown on a LCD display after each test. The RC-300 has a built in memory so you can easily review and/or print test results.

• Tests SLA , Flooded, Gel Cell, or AGM batteries. Also tests discharged batteries and detects bad cells.
• Applies a true 40 amp load during testing to simulate real world operating conditions and provide more accurate test results.
• Tests 6V and 12V batteries rated between 4AH - 50AH.
• Stores the last 50 tests in memory.
• The RC-300 enables the user to "blue print" known good batteries of different types/sizes to drive improved testing accuracy. The unit will store up to 40 different "blue printed" battery types. The user can also set customized pass/fail settings.
• Test results include: battery's measured amp hour (AH) capacity, battery voltage and percent of charge, and what the battery's state of health is (good, near end of life, or bad).
• 30" - 16 gauge leads.
• Customer communication with optional PR-12 (external printer), PR-20 (bolt-on printer), or AC-12 (PC cable).
• Tough impact resistant plastic housing with easy grip rubber boot that prevents damage to the unit.


• Load Test Capacity: 40 Amp
• Battery Sizes: 4.0 – 50 Amp Hours
• Digital Display: 1" x 2.5" - 4 line x 16 character
• Volt Ranges: Digital 0-30
• Cooling: Heat Sink Ventilation
• Leads: Load Amp-2 1/2 ft., 16 Gauge
• Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 6 3/4" x 1"
• Weight: 1.34 lbs.
• Memory: Stores the last 100 tests
• Internal Battery: 9 Volt Alkaline
• Optional: PR-12 Infrared printer
• Optional: AC-12 PC Interface adapter cord
• Optional: AC-24J Carrying case only
• Optional: AC-32 Serial Port to USB adapter
• Optional: AC-62 AMP Link Data Download PC Software

Operator's Manual

Click here to open or download a PDF version of the Operator's Manual

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