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New! Lower Shipping Charges and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

JAC2512-CEC - Schauer 12V, 25A Aircraft Power Supply & Fully Automatic Battery Charger with Cessna Plug and Battery Clips

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Model JAC2512-CEC (0891-121CEC)

Schauer JAC2512-CEC - 12V, 25A Aircraft Power Supply & Intelligent Electronic Charger with Cessna Plug (AN2551) and Battery Clips

Avoid draining the battery in your aircraft while you conduct ground avionics training, familiarization, maintenance or download updates. The AC cord goes to a standard wall outlet, and the AN2551 plug goes to the external power outlet on your flying machine, providing ground power and eliminating worries about a dead battery while you've got all the switches on. When you're done, swap the plug for the included battery clips and hook it up to your battery - it also functions as a Fully Automatic Electronic Battery Charger with Float/Maintenance Mode. This charger may be left connected for extended periods without damaging your battery. The JAC2512-CEC is for aircraft with 12V (14V) electrical systems, and which use a 3-pin AN2551 aircraft plug.

The Schauer JAC2512-CEC is both a 12V Power Supply and a Fully Automatic, 3-Stage Electronic Charger with a gray SB50 connector on the 96" DC Lead. Unlike the standard JAC2512, this unit will supply 12V DC output without any voltage sensed at the DC leads.

The JAC2512-CEC will charge any type lead acid battery, including conventional flooded cell, maintenance free, deep cycle, gelled-electrolyte, or AGM valve regulated batteries. The 3-Stage Charge Control provides Modified Constant Current Charge to a constant finishing voltage, then to a float/standby voltage to maintain the battery in a fully charged condition.

The JAC2512-CEC features a heavy-duty aluminum case with mounting flanges. The charger automatically detects AC input voltage and operates on either 115V or 230V without user intervention. Supplied with a 72" grounded North America AC input cord equipped with IEC C13 plug for connection at the charger. For international use, simply replace with an AC cord equipped with a locality-appropriate mains power plug and IEC C13 connector.


• Operate avionics on the ground (not meant for engine starting)
• Includes Cessna style 3-Pin Female Lexan aircraft plug (AN2551 plug), and battery clip adapter
• Low voltage start: will start charging a deeply discharged battery with ZERO terminal voltage
• Fully Automatic with Float/Maintenance Mode
• May be left connected to batteries indefinitely
• Charges all types of lead acid batteries
• 115/230VAC Multi-Voltage Input
• Multiple DC Lead Adapters Available
• Mountable, Aluminum case with LED status lights
• Current limiting
• Short Circuit and Reverse-Polarity protection (user-replaceable fuse)
• Capable of full current at 12.6V continuous - 100% duty cycle


• Flooded Finish Voltage: 14.8V ±0.2
• Gel/AGM Finish Voltage: 14.4V ±0.2
• Float Voltage: 13.5V ±0.2
• AC Input Voltage: Auto-Sensed 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz (115VAC +/-15%, 230VAC +/-15%)
• AC Input Amps: 15A @ 115VAC
• Nominal DC Output Volts: 12V
• Nominal DC Output Amps: 25A
• Minimum Battery Voltage Required to Start Charging: 0V
• AC Cord: 72", with grounded North America 115VAC plug (IEC C13 connector)
• DC Lead: 96", with gray SB50 plug
• Unit Length (case): 10.25"
• Unit Width (case): 7.13"
• Unit Width (overall): 8.38" (includes mounting flanges)
• Unit Height: 3.00"
• Unit Weight: 7.5 lbs.
• Shipping Length: 12"
• Shipping Width: 10"
• Shipping Height: 8"
• Shipping Weight: 9.0 lbs.
• Approvals: CE
• Warranty: 2 Year Limited


• Operate in an environment with proper ventilation
• Do not operate in a damp or wet environment

LED Status Indicator Light in normal charge cycle:
• Upper LED (Power): RED – AC power connected, Power Switch ON
• Lower LED (Equalizer): OFF - Charger Not Connected or Connected and minimum battery voltage not sensed
• Lower LED (Equalizer): YELLOW – Charging stages Bulk and Absorption - cooling fan active
• Lower LED (Equalizer): GREEN – Green – Battery charged, Charger in Maintenance Float mode
• Flashing Red & Green LEDs: Safety Timer shut off function

NOTE: PLP Battery Supply recommends that chargers in this range have an amperage output that equates to a minimum of approximately 10-15% the AH capacity of the battery being charged. For example, this 25 amp charger would be appropriate for a battery with a maximum AH capacity in the 250AH-375AH range. Chargers with marginally low output ratings may result in unacceptably long battery charge times and/or damage to the charger.

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