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697122 - Timer Kit - Mechanical 120 Minute w/ "Hold" Position & Finish Bell, 1/4" (6 MM) D-Shaft, M4 Screw Panel Mount

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120 Minute Mechanical Timer & Hardware Kit

This very popular timer is used to replace OEM timers in Schumacher, Century, and other popular chargers. Easily installs with 4mm screws (included) through the charger panel and into the mounting plate on the timer. The screws are covered by the sturdy press-fit skirted knob. Wire terminals use .250" industry-standard solderless push-on connectors. No AC power is required to run this timer. No specialty tools required.

When oriented with the "OFF" position at 12 o'clock, this switch has a "HOLD" position (constant ON) when rotated counterclockwise to the 11 o'clock position.
Otherwise, when rotated clockwise to a set position, it will countdown back to the OFF position at 12 o'clock. A finish bell alerts you to the timer returning to the OFF position with a single ding.


Schumacher Timer 0099000094, 0099-000094, 2299001548, 2299-001548
Snap-On Timer 2-14866
Century/Solar Timer 246-457-666, 246-515-666
Goodall Timer 51-245, 51-246, 51-248, 246-337-000, 246-167-000, 246-167-666

Note: Some of these OEM timers were 135 minute duration, which are no longer available. The 120 minute timer is now the standard replacement. A 120 minute timer dial label is included, should you wish to use it.


• 120 Minute duration, with "HOLD" position.
• Mounts in charger panel with included M4 screws.
• Straightforward instructions and simple design allows easy installation. No special tools are required.

Special Mounting Note

Over the years, battery charger manufacturers have used versions of this timer that mounted with either M3 (3mm) or M4 (4mm) screws. This timer uses the larger M4 screws, which are supplied in the kit. If you are replacing a timer that used the smaller M3 screws, it will be necessary to increase the size of the mounting holes in the charger cabinet. You can open the holes with a small drill bit. 4mm, 5/32”, or 3/16” bits will all work.


• .250" Push-on connectors
• Switched Current Rating - 13A/120VAC, 16A/250VAC
• Timer body - 1.71"H x 1.85"W x 1.04"D
• Stem - .70"L x 6MM (.236") Diameter


• 120 minute timer with "HOLD" position and Finish Bell
• Skirted Pointer-style Knob - push-on fit with metal retainer insert (our part # 696552)
• Mounting fasteners & hardware
• Laminated 120 minute Dial Label
• Instruction sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Rex Jordon
Great timmer

Great service and product!!!!

William Porter
Great Product

This timer switch with bell is built rock solid. Replace my old switch perfect. Works great.

Lee P Boches
Timer kit

Perfect fit, works great

Arthur Todtenhagen
Battery charger back in service!!

Perfect fit-Works great!

James Cain
Replacement timer switch for charger.

A perfect fit, couldn’t ask for anything better. Price wasn’t to bad ether, had to pay S/H but not so bad for something I needed. Their site has lots of stuff well worth checking out.