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New! Lower Shipping Charges and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

YB14L-B2 High Perf Conv 12V MC Battery, Dry Charged 14 AH, M2214B

by Yuasa

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YB14L-B2 High-Performance Conventional Motorcycle Battery (flooded cell) with vent tube (if applicable) and terminal hardware. Battery is dry-charged and sealed, with separate bottle of electrolyte included.

NOTE: YUASA ships this part number to us as either YUASA brand or MOTOCROSS brand, depending on their inventory. Consequently, we have both brands in stock under the same SKU and ship them interchangeably. When you order this SKU, you may receive either brand. It is the same battery.

Click here for a link to a short instructional video on how to fill your battery.

SHIPPING NOTE: This battery cannot be shipped after it has been filled with electrolyte.

Yumicron Series Features
• Special thin separators – allow two extra plates per cell to be installed, for a 30% improvement in cranking performance
• Engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration, and deliver high cranking power
Notes & Cross Reference
Can replace SYB14L-B2
Upgrade to AGM with YTX14AHL-BS
Upgrade to PowerSonic Hyper Sport LiFePO4 Lithium with PAL14L-AHY

Capacity AH (10-HR): 14
CCA @ 0°F: N/A
Length: 5 5/16 in (134 mm)
Width: 3 1/2 in (89 mm)
Height: 6 9/16 in (166 mm)
Weight w/out Acid (DRY): 7.6 lbs
Terminal Type: 8
Acid Volume: 30.4 oz
Std Charge Rate: 1.4 Amp
Country of Origin: USA

Download Dry Charged Battery Safety Data Sheet

Download Electrolyte Safety Data Sheet